Click HERE for an interactive tutorial. Scroll to the bottom for animated steps.

Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

Add Heading

  • Go to Format at the top of the page.
  • Drag Heading widget to an area of the page where you'd like to add it to.


Heading Settings

  • Double-click on Heading or highlight it and go to Settings pane > APP

General Settings

  • Title: Enter the title.
  • Show as Tooltip: Show the title as tooltip (text that appears when your mouse hovers over the heading).
  • Top: Set top margin.
  • Left: Set left margin.
  • Width: Set the width.


  • Color: Choose background color.
  • Opacity: Set opacity for the background.
  • Image: Enable to use an image as a background.
  • Size: Choose background size (i.e. auto, 100%, etc.).
  • Position: Set position of the background.
  • Repeat: Choose repeat type for the background.


  • Color: Choose border color.
  • Style: Chose border style.
  • Width: Choose the width of the border.
  • Radius: Choose border corner radius.

Box Shadow:

  • Shadow: Toggle ON to create a shadow for the heading.
  • H-Shadow: Set horizontal position of the shadow.
  • V-Shadow: Set vertical position of the shadow.
  • Blur: Set blur value for the shadow.
  • Spread: Define how far the shadow spreads.
  • Color: Set the color for the shadow.
  • Style: Select between inset and outset.

Customize / Edit Content

  • Double-click on the heading area.
  • Edit content or use the formatting toolbar to customize it.

Toolbar allows to make the following formatting changes to the content:

  • Bold: Make the text bold.
  • Italic: Make the text Italic.
  • Underline: Underline the text.
  • Strikethrough: Strikethrough the text.
  • Align text left: Align the text left.
  • Center text: Center the text.
  • Align text right: Align the text right.
  • Justify: Justify the text.
  • Insert unordered list: Turn selected paragraphs into a bulleted list. 
  • Insert ordered list: Turn selected paragraphs into a numbered list.
  • Indent: Enable this option to indent the selected text.
  • Insert hyperlink: Use to make selected text hyperlinked.
  • Create table: Click on the icon to create table.
  • View HTML: Click on this icon to view the HTML code for the text box.
  • Add Tooltip:  This option allows you to add tooltip to the selected text.
  • Remove Tooltip: This option allows you to remove tooltip from the selected text.
  • Format: Apply text styling.
  • Font: Change font.
  • Font size: Change size of the font.
  • Font Color: Change color of the text.
  • Font Background: Add / change background color for the text.

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