Newsletter Form

Click on the animated image below for a step-by-step interactive tutorial.

Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

Add Newsletter Form

  • Go to APPS at the top of the screen.
  • Drag Newsletter Form widget to an area of the page where you'd like to add it to.


  • Double-click on Newsletter Form or highlight it and go to to Settings pane > APP.
  • Select Form: Choose a newsletter opt-in form from the dropdown. If you don't have any to choose from, create one first.
  • Select Theme: Choose the look of the newsletter form.

Manage Newsletter

This option in the Settings pane will open a dialog where you can create email campaigns, manage subscriber lists, design an opt-in form, define campaign settings.

Email Campaign

Campaign List

On this page you can browse existing newsletters (from the past or saved drafts), edit and send them.

Create Campaign

On this page you can design a newsletter, choose its recipients, and schedule a delivery.

  • Newsletter Name (Required): Give your newsletter a name.
  • From E-mail (Reply-to): Enter an email address that the newsletter will be delivered from.
  • From Name: Enter a name that will be used in From field of the newsletter.
  • Subject: Enter a subject for the newsletter.
  • Description: Enter a description for the newsletter.
  • Target Lists: Choose a subscriber list that the newsletter will be delivered to (even if an email is in multiple subscriber lists, the newsletter will only be delivered once).
  • Newsletter Status: Choose the current status of the newsletter (when a new campaign is created, the status will be automatically set to Draft / Edit Mode).
  • Scheduled for delivery on: Choose the date when the newsletter is delivered to the subscribers.
  • Auto Track links: Select this option to automatically track clicks made on the newsletter links.
  • Track E-mail Views: Select this option to track views on HTML-enabled newsletters (this feature may be blocked by recipient's email client).
  • Select Template: Choose a template for the newsletter. Ignore this option if you'd like to design the newsletter from scratch.
  • HTML Version/Text Version: Choose to send the newsletter as HTML or Plain Text.
  • Attachments: Choose a file to attach to the newsletter.

Subscriber Lists

View Lists

Search and view existing subscriber lists on this page.

  • List Name: The name given to the subscriber list.
  • Subscribers: The number of subscribers in the list.
  • Newsletters: The number of newsletters created for the subscriber list.
  • Status: Indicates whether the subscriber list is active or disabled.
  • Access: Indicates whether the access to the subscriber list is public (users can subscribe through an opt-in form) or private (only system administrators can subscribe users).
  • Form Generator: Subscription form generator allows to design an opt-in form for the subscriber list.
  • Bulk Import: Add users to the subscriber list in bulk.
  • Options: Includes the option to edit and to delete the subscriber list.


Create New List

Create a new subscriber list on this page.

  • List Name: Enter a name for the new subscriber list.
  • Optional Description: Enter a description for the new subscriber list.
  • Assigned Users: Choose the administrators to have access to the list.
  • Set list as private: Check this option to only allow system administrators to subscribe users to the list.
  • Set list as disabled: Check this option to make the list inactive.
  • Hide list in subscription manager: Check this option to hide the list in subscription manager.


Add Subscriber

Fill out user information to add a new subscriber to subscriber list(s).


Import Subscriber

Use this page to bulk import subscribers.

  • Format: Choose between a comma-separated and a tab-separated formats of the import file.
  • Target Lists: Choose list(s) to bulk import to or remove from the users.
  • Operation: Choose whether to import or to remove users from selected subscriber list(s).


Choose between pasting user information OR uploading it in a CSV file.

Opt-in Forms

Forms List

View the list of existing newsletter forms and perform actions with them, such as edit, delete, and look up a subscriber.

Create New Form

Use Subscription Form Generator to create a new opt-in newsletter form.

  • Mailing Lists: Choose mailing list(s) that the new opt-in form allows to subscribe to.
  • List Display Format: Choose how to let users pick mailing list(s) to subscribe to (checkboxes, radio buttons, or dropdown menu). You can also hide the options of the mailing lists by selecting Hidden Fields.
  • Subscription: Choose what information to ask for on the opt-in subscription form.
  • Management: Choose to include a link for users to manage their subscriptions.
  • Form Preview: Preview the form when you design it and click Generate.
  • Form HTML Code: Choose button and header text, as well as the name for the new opt-in form.
  • Save: Click Save when ready to save the new form.


Manage the settings for your campaigns.

  • Opt-In: Create a message that users will receive when they subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Opt-Out: Create a message that users will receive when they unsubscribe from a newsletter.

  • Unsubscribe Signature: Customize the message with an unsubscribed link that will be included with all messages of your campaign.
  • Default Sender Name: Create a From-Name for your campaign.


General Settings

  • Title: Enter the title.
  • Show as Tooltip: Show the title as tooltip (text that appears when your mouse hovers over the blog).
  • Top: Set top margin.
  • Left: Set left margin.
  • Width: Set the width.



  • Color: Choose background color.
  • Opacity: Set opacity for the background.
  • Image: Enable to use an image as a background.
  • Size: Choose background size (i.e. auto, 100%, etc.).
  • Position: Set position of the background.
  • Repeat: Choose repeat type for the background.



  • Color: Choose border color.
  • Style: Chose border style.
  • Width: Choose the width of the border.
  • Radius: Choose border corner radius.


Box Shadow:

  • Shadow: Toggle ON to create a shadow for the newsletter form.
  • H-Shadow: Set horizontal position of the shadow.
  • V-Shadow: Set vertical position of the shadow.
  • Blur: Set blur value for the shadow.
  • Spread: Define how far the shadow spreads.
  • Color: Set the color for the shadow.
  • Style: Select between inset and outset.


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