Product Options

Click HERE for an interactive tutorial. Scroll to the bottom for animated steps.

Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management.

  • Go to Catalog > Product Options.

  • Filter By: Dropdown allows to filter product options by OptionGroupID, Type, Name, or Display Text.
  • Delete: Delete an individual product option or use checkboxes to delete multiple at once.
  • Product Option ID: Displays IDs for each product option.
  • Name: Displays internal product option names (only visible to admins).
  • Selection Type: Displays selection type for the product option.
  • Display Name: Displays product option names as seen by customers in your store.
  • Options Item List: Add or edit the items for the product option.
  • Apply To All Products: Click to apply the product option to all products in your catalog.
  • Remove From All Products: Click to remove the product option from all products in your catalog.
  • Edit: Allows to edit product option details that were specified when the option was added.

Add Product Option

  • Click 
  • Type: Choose the type for the option from dropdown (radio buttons, dropdown menu, text, input list, single line text, color swatch).
  • Name (Admin use only): Enter an internal name for the product option that will only be visible to admins.
  • Name Displayed in Store: Enter the name for the product option as it will be seen in your store by customers.
  • Click Add.
  • Add items for the new product option.

Add / Edit Option Items List

  • Click Option Item List on Product Options page.
  • Click Add Option Item.
  • Name: Enter a name for the product option's item.
  • Extra Price Type: Choose between Fixed Amount and Percentage.
  • Extra Price: Enter extra price for the option, if any.
  • Extra Weight: Enter extra weight for the option, if any.
  • Click Add, if adding a new item, or Update if editing an existing item.

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