Product Search Groups

Click HERE for an interactive tutorial. Scroll to the bottom for animated steps.

Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management.

  • Go to Catalog > Product Search Groups.

  • Filter By: Dropdown allows to filter product groups by Sort Order, IsEnabled, Name, or Display Text.
  • Delete: Delete an individual product group or use checkboxes to delete multiple at once.
  • Search Group ID: Displays IDs for each product search group.
  • Name: Displays internal product search group names (only visible to admins).
  • Display Text: Displays product search group names as seen by customers in your store.
  • Sort Order: Displays the number in priority sort order.
  • Active: Displays True, if search group is active, False - if not.
  • Edit: Allows to change search group name, display text, priority order, and enable/disable the search group.
  • Item List: Add / edit search items, and apply them to products.

Add Search Group

  • Click 
  • Name: Enter an internal name for the search group that will only be visible to admins.
  • Name Displayed in Store: Enter the name for the search group as it will be seen in your store by customers.
  • Priority Sort Order: Enter a number to set priority sort order for the search group (lowest number = highest priority).
  • Click Add.
  • Add search items to the new product search group.

Add / Edit Search Items

  • Click Item List on Product Groups page. Existing items, if any, are displayed in the table.
  • Delete: Use checkboxes to delete a single or multiple items at once.
  • Name: Enter / View name for the search item.
  • Click Add, if adding a new item, or Update if editing an existing item.

Apply to Product(s)

  • Category: Leave (Show All) and click Search to display all products from all categories or pick a specific category from the dropdown to only show products from the selected category. You can also search for a product by its name or part #.
  • Use checkboxes to select the products to apply the search item to.
  • Click Add.

Added products are displayed below. Confirm addition by clicking Add Product(s).

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