Bulk Import

Bulk Import

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management.


  • Go to Catalog > Bulk Import.


Step 1 - Download

  • Click Download to download an Excel template for bulk product import.

  • Use the template file to fill out product information you would like to import. Make sure to maintain all of the columns and their order in the file, even if you don't use some of them.

Step 2 - Upload Images (OPTIONAL)

  • Create a Zip Archive with all the images associated with products in the Excel file (max size allowed is 50MB).
  • Click UPLOAD button to choose the archive on your computer and upload it to Goshly.

Step 3 - Upload Excel

  • Choose file: Select the filled out Excel file from your computer.
  • Import Mode: Choose between Purge All (will delete all your existing products first and then insert the products in the Excel file you upload) and Overwrite Existing Data.
  • Click Import.

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