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Locate Orders

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management

  • Go to Orders.


Manage Orders


  • Mark Selected as Processed: Use this button after selecting orders that need to be marked as processed.
  • Archive: Archive an individual order or use checkboxes to select and archive multiple orders at once.
  • Order ID: Displays order ID for each order.
  • First Name: Displays customer's first name.
  • Last Name: Displays customer's last name.
  • Order Date: Displays order date for each order.
  • Total: Displays total cost for each order.
  • Shipping Status: Displays shipping status (i.e. Processing, Shipped, Delivered) for each order.
  • Payment Complete: Displays payment status (i.e. No, Yes) for each order.
  • View/Edit: Allows to view or edit an order.
  • Tracking: Allows to send customer a tracking email or add a merchant note to the order.
  • Generate Login: 

View/Edit Orders

  • Order Actions: Add order item, view order tracking, or print invoice/packing slip.

  • Billing Address: View or edit (by clicking ) billing address for the order.

  • Shipping Address: View or edit (by clicking ) shipping address for the order.


  • Items Details: View or edit (by clicking ) item details (i.e. quantity, price, etc.).


  • Order Details: View or edit (by clicking ) order details (i.e. status, tracking method and number, etc.).

  • Payment Details: View or edit (by clicking ) payment details (i.e. payment as complete, 


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