• Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management

  • Go to Marketing > Affiliates.


  • Affiliate Enabled: Toggle Yes to allow anyone to register as an affiliate to sell your products and receive commission.
  • Auto Approve: Toggle Yes to approve users who applied to be affiliates automatically. If set to No, manual approval will be necessary for each applied affiliate.
  • In case of several references: A customer may be referred to your website to make a purchase by multiple affiliate sources. Choose to credit the first referring affiliate or the most recent one.
  • Cookie Expire Period (days): Set how many days cookies are enabled after a customer clicks on an affiliate link.
  • Default Commission Rate: Set a default commission rate for each new registered affiliate (can be adjusted for individual affiliates after they register.

Affiliate List

  • Filter By: Dropdown allows to filter affiliates by various criteria.
  • Delete: Delete an individual affiliate or use checkboxes to delete multiple at once.
  • Code: Displays code for each affiliate.
  • First Name: Displays first name for each affiliate.
  • Last Name: Displays last name for each affiliate.
  • Commission Rate (%): Displays commission rate for each affiliate.
  • Balance: Displays commission balance for each affiliate.
  • Settings: Includes Edit, Commissions, and Payments options for each affiliate.
  • Edit: Allows to change affiliate details.

Add/Edit Affiliate

  • Click  to add a new affiliate OR  > Edit to change details for an existing affiliate. Fields marked with * are required.
  • User Name: Set a username for the affiliate. It cannot be changed after affiliate is registered.
  • First Name: Enter affiliate's first name.
  • Last Name: Enter affiliate's last name.
  • Company: Enter affiliate's company name, if any.
  • Address: Enter affiliate's street address.
  • City: Enter affiliate's city.
  • Country: Enter affiliate's country.
  • State: Enter affiliate's state.
  • Zip Code: Enter affiliate's zip code.
  • Phone: Enter affiliate's phone number.
  • Fax: Enter affiliate's fax number.
  • Email: Enter affiliate's email address.
  • Register Date: Enter affiliate's registration date.
  • Commission Rate: Set affiliate's commission rate (in %).
  • Approved: Toggle Yes to approve affiliate.
  • Click Save Affiliate to save affiliate's details.
  • Click Send Approve Email to notify affiliate of their approval.


When editing an existing affiliate, there are options to View Commission and View Payment.

View Commission allows to see paid and unpaid commission for the affiliate.


View Payment allows to see the list of payments to the affiliate.



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