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Coupons Menu

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management.

  • Go to Marketing > Coupons.

  • Filter By: Dropdown allows to filter coupons by various criteria.
  • Delete: Delete an individual coupon or use checkboxes to delete multiple at once.
  • CouponID: Displays IDs for each coupon.
  • Discount Type: Displays discount type (either price or percentage).
  • Amount: Displays the discount amount (either in percents or currency amount) for each coupon.
  • Expiration Type: Displays the type of expiration (date or quantity) for each coupon.
  • Expired On: Displays coupon expiration date or quantity, depending on expiration type.
  • Usage: Displays the number of time each coupon was used.
  • Edit: Allows to change coupon details.
  • Enable Coupons: Toggle Yes to enable coupons feature for your store.

Add / Edit Coupon

  • Click  to add a new coupon, or Edit to change an existing coupon.
  • CouponID: Enter an ID for the coupon, or generate on using Generate Code button.
  • Free Shipping: Toggle Yes to enable free shipping with coupon.
  • Discount Type: Choose either Price or Percentage from the dropdown.
  • Discount Amount/Percentage: Enter the price or percentage for the coupon based on discount type selection.
  • Expiration Type: Choose either Date or Quantity from the dropdown.
  • Expiration Date/Quantity: Enter the date or quantity for the coupon based on the expiration type selected.
  • Notes: Add optional notes for the coupon.
  • This coupon applies to: Choose to apply the coupon to all products in the store or specific products.
  • Click Save Coupon.

Apply coupon to specific products

  • Click Add Product(s).
  • Category: Choose to Show All products or select a specific category of products.
  • Use checkboxes to select the products you want to apply the coupon to.
  • Click Add.

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