Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management.

  • Go to Marketing > Gift Certificates.

  • Filter By: Dropdown allows to filter gift certificates by various criteria.
  • Gift Certificate Code: Displays unique code for each purchased gift certificate.
  • Username: Displays customer's username, if any.
  • Order No: Displays order number for each gift certificate.
  • Name: Displays name for each gift certificate.
  • Gift Value: Displays the amount each gift certificate is worth.
  • Remaining Value: Displays remaining value for each gift certificate.
  • Recipient: Displays recipient's email address.
  • Expire Date: Displays expiration date, if any.
  • Edit: Allows to edit details for each certificate.
  • Redeem product cost only (no tax and shipping): Toggle Yes if you want to only allow recipient to use for product value, and not shipping cost or tax.


Edit Gift Certificate

  • Click Edit.
  • Gift Value: Set the gift value for the gift certificate.
  • Remaining Value: Set the remaining value for the gift certificate.
  • Recipient: Edit recipient's email address.
  • Personal Note: Edit personal note on gift certificate.
  • Expires: Toggle Yes to enable expiration for the gift certificate.
  • Date Expires: Set the date on which gift certificate expires if expiration was enabled.
  • Physical Gift Certificate: Toggle Yes to issue a physical gift certificate.
  • Active: Toggle Yes to make gift certificate active, No - inactive.
  • Click Save to save changes.
  • Click Print to print gift certificate.

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