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Click HERE for an interactive tutorial. Scroll to the bottom for animated steps.

Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

Add, Change or Link an Image Thumbnail

  • Open the page of the website where an image thumbnail needs to be added, changed or linked.
  • Either click on an existing image thumbnail or go to FORMAT tab and drag Image Thumbnail widget to the page.
  • When image thumbnail is selected, go to Settings > APP.


Upload your own image for the thumbnail or choose one from Goshly Stock Gallery.


Use built-in Image Editor to edit the image thumbnail or apply filters.

Image Thumbnail Link Type

Choose between Image Link, Popout and Hover to define image link behavior.

Image Link

  • Existing Pages: link the image to an existing page of the website.
  • Online Catalog Pages: link the image to your online catalog.
  • URL: specify an external URL to link the image to.
  • New window: toggle this option to ON to open the link in a new window.
  • Search Engine Title (SEO): enter an SEO friendly Title for the image.


  • Popout: select a popout from the available list (go to Manage to create a new one if none is available).
  • Popup Size: select a popout size from the available size list i.e. small, medium, large, custom (specify width and height).
  • Insert: click to add popout to the widget.
  • Remove: click to remove popout from the widget.
  • Manage: click to create and add popouts to popout selection.


  • Select Effect: select an Image mouse hover effect from the available drop down list.
  • Rollover Description: enter the rollover description for the hover effect of the image.
  • Insert: add rollover description to the hover effect in the image.
  • Remove: delete the rollover description in the hover effect of the image.

General Settings

Manage general settings for the selected image.

  • Title: enter the title for the image.
  • Show as Tooltip: This option allows you to show the title as tooltip. This is the text that appears when you mouse hover on the widget.
  • Top: view or edit top margin of the image.
  • Left: view or edit left margin of the image.
  • Width: view or define the width of the image.


  • Color: Choose background color.
  • Opacity: Set opacity for the background.
  • Image: Enable to use an image as a background.
  • Size: Choose background size (i.e. auto, 100%, etc.).
  • Position: Set position of the background.
  • Repeat: Choose repeat type for the background.


  • Color: Choose border color.
  • Style: Chose border style.
  • Width: Choose the width of the border.
  • Radius: Choose border corner radius.

Box Shadow:

  • Shadow: Toggle ON to create a shadow for the image.
  • H-Shadow: Set horizontal position of the shadow.
  • V-Shadow: Set vertical position of the shadow.
  • Blur: Set blur value for the shadow.
  • Spread: Define how far the shadow spreads.
  • Color: Set the color for the shadow.
  • Style: Select between inset and outset.


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