How much does your service cost?

  • You can see pricing for all our membership plans here.

How do I choose / upgrade my Goshly plan?

How can I cancel my subscription?

  • We'll be sad to see you go! All the details on cancelling your plan can be found here.

Will you provide an address for my website?

  • Yes! When you signup for Goshly, you will be able to register a domain. Please refer to these instructions.

Do you provide hosting for my website?

  • Yes! Goshly provides world class hosting to all members when they sign-up. This includes lighting fast server speed and bandwidth. There is also no hosting setup you will need to go through. Once you build and publish your website, it will automatically be live on the web.

Can I use my own domain name?

  • You can absolutely use your own domain name. Our paid membership packages do include a free personalized domain name (i.e., provided it is available). However, if you already own your domain name, you can simply point your Goshly website to it. Please use these instructions to do so.

I don’t sell online, but I need a business/personal website. Can I still use Goshly?

  • Most definitely. We have a plan without eCommerce capabilities that will allow you to build a stunning website for your business or yourself.

Is your site secure and will my website offer complete security for my customers?

  • Goshly offers 256 Bit SSL Security Encryption. You will also be able to upload your own SSL certificate, if necessary.

Can I customize the design of my store?

  • Absolutely! We have advanced design tools allowing you to customize the look and feel of your website. This includes building stunning flash menus and banners as well as an easy and intuitive drag and drop interface to control your site content and imagery.

Do I need to understand coding or have any technical requirements to build my website?

  • Not at all. The great advantage of Goshly is that it allows anyone to build a website without any technical knowledge at all. Just use our easy drag and drop interface to manage your website, including all content and products.

Do you provide Email addresses for my business?

  • Yes, if you register for your free domain on our system (all paid plans come with a free domain name), you will receive 10 free email addresses. This includes an advanced web-mail system and easy setup for any mail client you use (Microsoft Outlook, OS X Mail, etc.).

What management tools do you offer through your administrative control panel?

  • ___.

How do I login to my account?

  • To login to your Goshly account, visit our home page and click Sign In button in the top right corner. You will be able to input your credentials and access your account.

How do I change my password?

  • You can change your password from either Dashboard or Website Editor. Refer to the steps described here.

How do I logout?

  • To logout, click on Goshly logo in the top left corner and choose Logout option from the dropdown.

How can I change my template?

  • When in Website Editor, click on Goshly logo in the top left corner and choose Change Template option from the dropdown. THEME dropdown will allow you to browse and preview various templates. Once decided, click USE THEME button.

How do I edit my website?

  • Once logged in to your Goshly account, click on your username's dropdown in the top right corner, and go to My Website(s). Click Edit Template button to start editing your website.

How do I add/edit products in my Online Catalog?

  • Please follow the instructions in this article to make changes to your products.

How do I add/edit categories and sub-categories in my Online Catalog?

  • You can find directions on editing product categories here.

How do I change the banner / header images on my homepage?

  • The instructions on working with header widget can be found here.

What if I am an advanced user (designer, web developer, etc.) with knowledge of HTML/CSS, can I get “under the hood” of your templates?

  • Advanced users can download all of the ‘web assets’ of a site design onto their desktop, edit it through the applications of their choice and then re-upload the code onto Goshly. Their fully customized website can then utilize all of our systems tools and features on the backend, linking seamlessly to their front-end.

All notifications are sent to the email address you register with. We also store all your order / inquiry details in your control panel, so you can easily manage your critical business communication.

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