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Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Go to ECOMMERCE > Store Management.

  • Go to Catalog > Products.

  • Category: Select a category from dropdown to only show products from the selected category.
  • Filter: Use options in the dropdown, including Featured Products and Best Selling Products, to only show items matching the filter criteria.
  • Delete: Delete an individual product or use checkboxes to delete multiple at once.
  • ID: Displays product IDs.
  • Name: Displays product names. Click on a product name to edit product details.
  • Short Description: Displays short description for each product.
  • Part Number: Displays part number for each product.
  • Stock: Displays the number of products available in your inventory.
  • Price: Displays item price for each product.
  • Retail Price: Displays retail price set in product details for each item.
  • Preview: Allows to preview the product in your store.
  • Copy: Allows to create a copy of the product.

Add New Product / Edit Existing Product

  • Click  to add a new product to your catalog, or click on an existing product's name to edit it. The settings for products can set on the following tabs: 


Fields with * are required.

  • Name: Enter product name.
  • Category: Select a category for the product and use an arrow button to add it to the product.
  • Brief Description: Enter a brief description for the product.

  • Long Description: Enter a long description for the product (may include images).
  • Part Number: Enter part number for the product (visible to admins only).
  • Price: Enter unit price for the product.
  • Text displayed before price: Optionally change the default 'Our Price' to a custom text to display before price.
  • Retail Price: Enter a retail price of the product.

Recurring/Subscription Payment 

  • Toggle Yes to make the product part of subscription model.
  • Include Shipping Cost: Toggle Yes to include shipping cost in the subscription price.
  • Override default text: Toggle Yes to override the default text.
  • Text: Enter the text to display.
  • Subscription Length: Enter the number of years for subscription length.
  • Billing Frequency: Choose how frequently to bill subscription customers for the product (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly).
  • Subscription Period: Enter the number of months for subscription period.
  • One Time Setup Fee: Enter the amount for the one time setup fee, if any.

  • Tax Setting: Choose a tax setting from the dropdown for the product. You can manage your store's tax settings by clicking Manage Tax Settings button.
  • Click Save Product.


  • Model Number: Enter Model Number, if necessary (internal use only).
  • Weight: Enter product weight (will be used for shipping purposes). You can set global setting for using either KG or LB under Store Settings.
  • Brand: Enter brand name (will be shown as a search filter).
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Add MFG part # (internal use only).
  • UPC Code: Enter product's UPC code (internal use only).
  • Search Keywords: Enter keywords (up to 10 words, separated by comma), to help your customer searching for this product.
  • Featured Product: Toggle Yes to include the product in the featured products section (if added to the website).
  • Best Selling Product: Toggle Yes to include the product in the best selling products section (if added to the website).
  • Downloadable Product: Toggle Yes if this is a digital/downloadable product. When customers pay for such a product, they will be directed to the product download page.
  • Inventory Control: Toggle Yes if you want to designate how much inventory available for this product. Once the inventory is 0, the product will show as Out of Stock.
  • Product Reviews: Enter the number of stars to use in this product's reviews.
  • Product Tag: Pick a tag (shown in the corner of the product listing box, i.e. Sale) or create a custom one.

  • Product Active: Toggle Yes to show the product in your Store Catalog.
  • Click Save Product.


NOTE: If the product will have Swatch Color Options, then go to Options tab to upload images.

  • Upload largest product images possible, they will be downsized automatically.
  • Recommended Image Dimensions:

- Portrait: width - 733px, height - 1100px.

- Landscape: width - 1100px, height - 733px.

  • Drag & Drop images or browser and choose files.


  • Choose the image to use as the main image for the product and click Set as Primary.
  • Click Save Product.

Images 360 View

If you'd like to have a 3D view of the product, upload the 360 degree product photos under Images 360 View tab.

Product Tabs

You can view all tabs applied to the product, and add/edit product-specific tab descriptions on this page.

  • Open First Tab on Default: Toggle Yes to have first tab opening on default.
  • Tab Description: Enter product-specific (if any) tab description here.

Manage Product Tabs

  • Click  to edit existing tabs or create new ones.
  • Add Tab: Click Add Tab button to add a new tab.
  • Delete: Delete an individual tab or use checkboxes to delete multiple at once. Product Description and Review tabs are part of the store layout and cannot be deleted.
  • Tab ID: Displays ID for each tab.
  • Tab Name: Display name of each tab.
  • Tab Order: Displays tab order as they will appear in the store.
  • Active: Toggle Yes to make tabs active.
  • Product Specific: Toggle Yes to make tabs specific to the product.
  • Move Up/Down: Use arrows to rearrange tab order.
  • Edit: Click Edit to make change to tabs.

Add/Edit Tab

  • Click 
  • Click Add Tab button to add a new tab or Edit button to edit an existing tab.
  • Product Tab Title: Enter the title for the tab.
  • Product Specific Only: Toggle Yes if the tab only applies to the product that is being edited.
  • Description: Enter tab description. NOTE: for product specific tabs description can be created while adding/editing individual products.
  • Active: Toggle Yes to make tab active.
  • Show Social Share Buttons: Toggle Yes to enable social share buttons on the tab.


  • Option: Check off boxes add desired product options to the product, if any.


  • Click  to manage product options.
  • Preview Image (Dropdown Type Only): Check the box to enable preview images for the product option.
  • Preview Images: For the product tabs with enabled Preview Image option, click on the Preview Images button to upload the images for the option.


  • Select a quantity discount and coupons to work with the product.

Related Products

  • Search Products to Add: Find products to add as related products by searching by part # or product name. Check off the products you'd like to add in the search results, and click Add.
  • Related Products: Added related products are displayed in the table. Use the trash can icon to delete product(s) from featured products.


  • Requires Shipping: Toggle Yes if the product requires shipping (not a digital product).
  • Shipping Method: Toggle Yes to offer existing shipping methods and define shipping cost.
  • Add New Shipping Method: Click the button to add/edit shipping methods.

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